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Some places are always going to be more dangerous holiday destinations than others. For example, you would not plan a hiking trip through Afghanistan or Syria without having some reasonable expectation of danger.

Conversely, if you booked a package holiday for a stay in a holiday resort in an established holiday destination such as Malaga, you would have every right to expect that your holiday would be safe, giving you little cause to think your trip might ever result in you needing to instruct a holiday accident solicitor.

However, in the wake of a series of terrorist attacks on established tourist destinations, British people have had to reconsider their holidays, with the Foreign Office often advising caution for some of the most popular resorts.

The fallout from the Tunisian beach massacre

Following the 2015 attack on tourists on a Tunisian beach, the Foreign Office advised British people that there was a high likelihood of further terrorist attacks in the country and said that, as a consequence, all British people should leave the country.

However, it was not only Tunisia that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) believed posed a risk. Other, more typical, destinations much closer to our shores also received danger classifications. These included France, Spain, Australia, Thailand, Turkey, Egypt and Libya.
For example, the FCO said that visitors to parts of Israel, near the Lebanese and Syrian borders, were at risk of sustaining fatal injuries in an attack, while it said that it believed terrorists continued "to plan attacks" in Egypt.

"Attacks could be indiscriminate and occur without prior warning. Attacks targeting foreigners can't be ruled out," said the FCO.

Have you suffered injury on a "safe" holiday

With the world so often seeming a dangerous place, it is little wonder that many of us book holidays in apparently safe places where we can relax and unwind without fear of sustaining an attack, accident or injury.

However, for some people, the dream "safe" holiday can quickly become a nightmare as a result of the negligence of hotels or tour operators. If you have sustained injury as a result an incodent which was beyond your control, you may be entitled to compensation under the terms of the Package Travel Regulations.

Fatal claims

If you have lost a loved one, whether a child, parent, partner or other person close to you, as a result of a fatal holiday accident, the specialist holiday accident solicitors at Seth Lovis & Co can help you secure compensation for your losses. Call 0808 252 0678 for information from us today.

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