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In many safari parks visitors are driven by experienced guides who take them from location to location to observe lions, elephants zebras and other exotic animals. It is, rightfully, renowned for being a thrilling, exciting and captivating experience.

Elephant - Safari ParkUnfortunately, the safety of these excursions is sometimes questionable and when an individual suffers an accident on a safari holiday, the repercussions can be severe. Furthermore, if such harm occurs as a result of provable negligence, it is possible to claim compensation.

Seth Lovis & Co holiday accident solicitors have a strong track record of helping injured holidaymakers recover sums for loss, injury and expense caused by holiday and leisure companies. If you believe you may have a case for claiming compensation from a safari park or tour operator, call our team today on 0808 252 0678.

Case in point – a journalist's accident on a safari holiday

In 2012, a journalist working for the BBC published an article which looked into the safety of a safari park in Sri Lanka. The park in question is home to many extraordinary creatures, including sloth bears, crocodiles, and antelopes, but it was the speed and elusiveness of one of its attractions – the leopard – that reportedly led some tour guides to break speed limits and drive aggressively just to keep pace in the hope of catching a glimpse.

According to the journalist, despite mentioning to his driver that he was "by no means obsessed with seeing a leopard", the tour guide travelled at excessive speeds within the park – jolting the occupants around the truck. Moreover, the journalist eventually sustained a head injury as a result of colliding with a set of metal bars inside the vehicle.

A danger to wildlife

Driving at excessive speeds within a safari park can not only place the lives of tourists in danger, but can also have serious repercussions for the wildlife.

For example, just a few months before the publication of the BBC article, a careless safari driver killed a young leopard in a traffic accident. Moreover, it was claimed that some drivers were crowding the big cats as they attempted to hunt, leading to criticism from animal rights activists.

Seth Lovis & Co holiday accident solicitors

Have you suffered personal injury in a holiday accident which was not your fault? If so, talk to our team of experienced solicitors for information about the path and possibilities for claiming compensation.

Holiday accidents are no trivial matter. Not only can they result in you losing the opportunity to enjoy a restorative break, they can also cause you both pain and significant financial expense.

At Seth Lovis & Co we are committed to helping you secure maximum compensation in order to recover any treatment fees, as well as lost earnings. Where necessary, we always strive for interim settlement to meet your immediate needs.

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