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A package holiday accident claim is a mode of redress available to any person who bought a package holiday with a UK tour operator, and subsequently sustained injury as a result of negligence on the part of that operator and/or one of its subsidiaries or partners. Call 0808 252 0678 for more information about making a claim.

Photo via Flickr Irwandy Mazwir Creative CommonsThe personal injury solicitors at Seth Lovis & Co can help you secure settlement if it can be proven that such negligence caused you to sustain some form of injury, most likely causing medical expenses and other financial losses.

Our expertise extends but is not limited to claims for the following type of incident:

  • Food poisoning caused by food eaten in a hotel, restaurant, or on a cruise ship
  • Incidents involving boiling water, hot food, or scalding oil
  • Injury caused in swimming pool accidents
  • Illness caused by swimming pools contaminated with bacteria such as E. Coli or Giardia
  • Burns caused by swimming pool chemicals
  • Slips and trips in hotel foyers, restaurants etc
  • Coach and other transport accidents
  • Day excursion accidents

The Package holiday regulations

The Package Holiday Regulations came into effect in 1992 and were created to provide redress for holidaymakers who have sustained injury and/or had their holidays ruined by some form of tour operator negligence.

One advantage of these regulations is the way they prevent the need for claimants to pursue compensation in foreign courts, a situation which time and again proved to be costly, inconvenient, and impractical for those who needed to.

Was yours a package holiday?

If your holiday was pre-planned by your agent and included two or more services such as accommodation, transport, and other services (for example, food, day excursions, adventure activities) in the price, then it is likely that it is covered by the Package Holiday Regulations.

Over the years, with the internet becoming the major resource for holiday booking, the definition of a package holiday has expanded to sometimes include holidays that are booked online and include two or more components paid for simultaneously.

Package holiday accident claims with Seth Lovis & Co

Seth Lovis & Co can help you ensure the maximum possible settlement in the event that you have sustained injury, incurred medical expenses, and been caused financial loss because of injury sustained in an incident.

For more information regarding your options, talk to our package holiday accident claim solicitors today. Call 0370 218 4025 for advice.


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