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Statistically, travelling by plane is the safest form of transportation. Considering that the chances of suffering a fatal accident on board an aircraft are approximately one in ten million, passengers should not feel concerned when boarding these machines. However, although individuals are very unlikely to suffer a plane crash, they could succumb to a problem which appears to be rife across numerous airports – food poisoning.

Food poisoning in airports

In 2013, journalists reviewed several inspection reports collected over a two year period at Pittsburgh International Airport. After coming to their findings, it was revealed that inspectors had detected 270 "critical violations" within the airport's 19 restaurants – infractions so severe that they have the potential to cause foodborne illnesses.

It has been claimed that some of these restaurant staff members were failing to cook meat properly, store products at adequate temperatures, or handle food safely. Potentially, these incidents could result in consumers developing food poisoning, ruining their holidays as a result.

However, if these people were adversely affected after visiting an airport restaurant, they may be entitled to claim holiday compensation through Seth Lovis & Co's specialist team of food poisoning solicitors.

Although some may regard the events at Pittsburgh International Airport as an isolated incident, this is not the first time that hygiene standards within airports have been questioned.

In 2009, USA Today published the results of a study where researchers investigated nearly 800 restaurants across ten airports. After analysing their findings, it was reported that critical violations were "common" within these premises.

Furthermore, while carrying out the research, it was revealed that some airport restaurant staff members:

  • Kept turkey and tuna salad sandwiches at "dangerously warm" temperatures
  • Contaminated other food products with raw meat
  • Were not provided with soap in kitchens

Rather worryingly, in some restaurants, the researchers also found rat droppings, suggesting that food could have been prepared while in close proximity to vermin.

These studies show that several airports are failing to follow adequate hygiene standards, potentially resulting in customers developing food poisoning. However, if you were adversely affected while dining at an airport restaurant, you may be entitled to claim compensation through Seth Lovis & Co.

Food poisoning compensation through Seth Lovis & Co

At Seth Lovis & Co, our team realises that food poisoning can ruin holidays – and they want to help sufferers receive damages. To find out if you could benefit from a holiday compensation claim, please call our department today on 0370 218 4025 or send us an online enquiry.

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