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While on holiday many tourists like to spend their time relaxing on the beach or reading or resting by the pool. It is understandable, getting out of the office and into the sun so that we can forget our stresses is an essential part of modern life. However, some people prefer to use their downtime in a more adventurous way, and few holiday activities are as adventurous and exhilarating as water sports.

Whether parasailing, riding a jet-ski, or windsurfing, water sports give participants a real kick. However, these activities are not without risk – according to the European Child Safety Alliance, water sports or boating activities are responsible for as many as 47,000 instances of personal injury in the continent annually.

At the extreme end of these extreme sports, is the risk of death – perhaps through drowning or from blunt trauma caused by collisions with watercraft. Tragically, a large proportion of these accidents are entirely avoidable, with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) claiming that fatalities are frequently caused by the "lax attitudes of operators towards safety".

Accidents that cause survivable injuries are relatively commonplace and should you or a loved one sustain personal injury while participating in water sports, in an incident attributable to the negligence of an operator, you may be entitled to claim holiday accident compensation through Seth Lovis & Co. Call 0370 218 4025 for information regarding your rights and options.

RoSPA water sport safety advice

RoSPA is committed to helping holidaymakers avoid injury during water sports. As such, it publishes advice to assist holidaymakers in spotting potentially negligent operators.

For example, the organisation states that waterskiing novices must receive some form of training. Moreover, as a boat pilot cannot control the vehicle and adequately supervise tourists at the same time, operators should ensure that competent lookouts are onboard before allowing the activity to begin.

Be wary of any operator that does not follow RoSPA's advice.

In addition, RoSPA states that water sports participants should:

  • Inspect equipment for any signs of wear and tear;
  • Ensure lifejackets or appropriate protective clothing are provided and that these are in good condition;
  • Make sure that water sports take place in a safe location;
  • Check that operators obtain necessary information beforehand. For example, responsible organisations may ask about any medical conditions and assess how competent customers are in the water;
  • Ensure that operators have implemented suitable safety procedures.

Compensation for a water sports accident

If you have been adversely affected while participating in a water sports activity and believe that the operator was negligent, perhaps by failing to follow the kind of safety guidance listed above, you should seek legal advice. Seth Lovis & Co holiday accident solicitors are available to speak to today. Call 0370 218 4025 for information and advice.

If your case is successful, any funds awarded could reimburse treatment fees, lost earnings, or simply fund the cost of another holiday.

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