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Lidia Rawicz

Filex and Litigation Executive
0808 250 8942 [email protected]

The combination of her native language skills and knowledge of English Legal System mean that she is the perfect first point of contact for Polish clients and extends the service that we can provide to the community.

“I know firsthand the difficulties that present themselves to those who come to a country for the first time and are not fully aware of their legal and human rights. I hope that through my role at Seth Lovis & Co I can help ensure that any Polish client who needs legal help will not be put off by the language or their lack of knowledge of the system.”

Lidia speaks fluent Polish and has strong links with the Polish community in London.

For last 8 years Lidia worked exclusively in the field of the personal injury law and has considerable experience in all kinds of accident claims, acting for Claimants who have had accidents in the UK or abroad.  She is particularly interested in psychological injuries and also all types of rehabilitation.

Previously, working for Rider Support Services she represented motorcyclists in their personal injury claims, sadly some of them involved most horrific injuries resulting in severe disabilities.  She supports Fallen Bikers Charity raising biker’s awareness how to stay safe on the roads.  She is also the Amnesty International member and supported having a keen interest in Human Rights and current affairs.

Lidia likes European and especially Eastern European cinema.  She is interested in modern history and current affairs.  She likes swimming and making costume jewellery.

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