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A woman who was crushed by a lorry in Cambridge in November 2015 is making a claim for the severe injuries which occurred to the lower half of her body, and resulted in amputation surgery.

The accident occurred on 4 November. The lorry had been transporting dodgems to the annual Bonfire Night funfair on Midsummer Common, when it collided with the woman. She was trapped under the HGV, and firefighters and paramedics attended the scene. In light of the incident (and the number of emergency services vehicles that were rushed to the scene) the funfair element of the event was cancelled.

The woman's lawyers are claiming the catastrophic injury was caused by the carelessness of the driver, who failed to prioritise her as a pedestrian on common land. "The facts of the accident speak for themselves as to negligence," the lawyers have stated in the writ.

Cambridge News reports that her claim will be upwards of £500,000, with many amputation claims averaging much more than that due to the amount of physical and psychological pain caused to the victim and the long period of rehabilitation required by the claimant.

As the case is currently ongoing, the driver's defence has not yet been reported by the court. More evidence still needs to be tested before it can be determined if this was indeed an act of gross negligence.

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