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An inquest has heard that a 74-year-old man from Indian Queens, Cornwall, suffered a fatal head injury as a result of a slip and trip accident in a Co-operative supermarket on 6 July 2015.

It was heard that the slip and trip accident was caused by a sandwich fridge leaking water onto the shop floor. This is despite the fact that an engineer had claimed to have addressed the problem the day prior to the accident.

It was also heard that one of the shop's staff had repeatedly mopped up spillage from the fridge on the day of the accident, including only 30 seconds before the grandfather sustained his fatal head injury.

"The water was really bad. It was so thick that my shoes would have been soaked if I walked through it," said a customer who witnessed the accident.

"I heard something strange, and as I turned around I saw Mr May's legs go up, and his head hit the floor so hard. I knew straight away something was wrong because of his eyes and breathing, and I shouted for help. It was all so shocking."

The man immediately showed signs of being heavily concussed and, despite the prompt attendance of paramedics, his condition deteriorated quickly. Sadly, he died two days later with a subdural hematoma recorded as the cause of death.

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