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A 58-year-old who suffered serious injuries in an accident at work is to receive £1.6 million in damages after making an amputation claim against his former employer. The victim had to have his leg amputated from above the knee by a surgical team after falling steel crushed his leg severely.

The foundry worker trade union member sought assistance with the legal process and now hopes any attention surrounding the case will help to prevent similar incidents happening in the future.

Due to his severe injuries, the north-east resident can no longer work and has to use a wheelchair when he's not wearing a prosthetic leg.

"This has caused huge problems as my wife also has a disability," he explained.
"We are heavily dependent on our family to help with ongoing care and support. I hope my case will reinforce the importance of health and safety reps in the workplace and will reduce the chances of a similar accident happening to others in the future."
Working in a foundry can be extremely dangerous. The Health and Safety Executive provides useful information on accident statistics and remaining safe and healthy in the molten metals industry here.

If you have suffered an amputation injury at work, contact Seth Lovis & Co for more information on claiming compensation.

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