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Fortunately, twenty-first century Britain is now aware of the dangers of vibrating tools, with vibration white finger (VWF) one of the most common industrial illnesses among construction workers in this country.

However, what is less well-known is the problem of "whole body vibration"; a phenomenon common among lorry and truck drivers the world over.

Drivers of large articulated and heavy goods vehicles often spend as many as ten hours a day behind the wheel of their vehicles, so it should come as little surprise that the impact of passing over bumps, potholes and other rough surfaces has an inevitable and unwanted toll.

Many drivers report experiencing neck, arm, leg and spinal pain, with some even developing chronic and career-ending vibration-related conditions.

A study presented at the 2014 American Conference on Human Vibration found that "whole body vibration exposures, and the magnitude of whole body vibration exposures, may adversely affect the vigilance of truck drivers and potentially contribute to cognitive fatigue."

As such, it is reasonable to speculate that vibration may even be a significant cause of fatal and non-fatal road accidents.

If you have been diagnosed with a vibration-related condition such as vibration white finger or whole body vibration and believe it may be attributable to factors related to your workplace or occupation, you may be entitled to claim compensation, click here from more information from Seth Lovis & Co's personal injury solicitors.

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