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A 52-year-old professional carer has been paid £50,000 work injury compensation for the injuries she sustained in a lift-shaft fall in which a 96-year-old woman died.

The workplace accident, which took place at a care home in Cardiff in 2012, resulted in the establishment's owner receiving a £100,000 fine for breaching numerous health and safety regulations and caused the work injury compensation claimant to sustain a broken back, broken ribs, a broken foot, a punctured lung and a head injury.

Furthermore, the accident means that the claimant must now take regular painkilling medication for the injuries she says will never fully heal. "I am constantly plagued by that terrible day, "she said. Nevertheless she described herself as "lucky to be alive".

In December 2015, a Care Council for Wales hearing in Cardiff heard how an engineer had advised the centre not to use the second floor doors on the lift but that staff regularly chose to ignore this advice, an act the owner "acquiesced but did not encourage".

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