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Angela Richards, a personal injury Solicitor at Seth Lovis & Co, recently acted for Ms B, who sustained a scalding injury at work.

The Accident

At the time of the accident, Ms B was a university student who was on a year’s work experience at the Defendant company. On the day of the accident, there was a power cut, and some of Ms B’s colleagues decided to make some Indian tea. Ms B went to the staff kitchen to talk to her colleagues whilst the tea was being made.  The tea was boiled for around an hour and then one of Ms B’s colleagues poured the tea into a glass jug. However, due to the exceedingly high temperature of the tea, the glass jug shattered, showering Ms B with boiling hot tea on her abdomen.

Permanent Scarring

As a result of the accident, Ms B had to receive hospital treatment for the scald and has been left with permanent residual scarring on her abdomen, of which she is very conscious. She required a month off work. She was also found to have suffered an adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and mood disturbance by the psychologist who examined her for the purposes of the claim.

Compensation Award

Angela was instructed by Ms B to bring a claim on her behalf against her employer. Angela alleged that the employer was vicariously liable for the actions of their employees and the employer accepted liability for Ms B’s accident at an early stage. Angela managed to secure a settlement of £7,000 for Ms B.      

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Author - Angela Richards

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