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Seth Lovis & Co's personal injury solicitors in London can represent you in compensation claims for UK-wide work accidents, catastrophic injuries, accidents abroad and any personal injury incident which has led to your financial loss, pain and suffering.

Here you can read relevant news items regarding case law, health and safety investigations, and road and workplace safety as they happen across the UK.

A local council is preparing to respond to several personal injury compensation claims employees are making against it.

A number of grounds maintenance workers employed by Thanet council claim to have developed vibration white finger after working for the authority.

Vibration white finger, or hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), is an industrial injury which can affect those who work with hand-held vibrating machinery and have done so for an extended period of time.

Personal injury solicitors are hoping to receive information to help them progress the claim of a former Essex secondary school student who, it is reported, sustained a serious injury during a ‘piggyback incident'.

However, the case is likely to face a number of other stumbling blocks, not least the fact that the accident the girl's personal injury solicitors are trying to help her claim for occurred in November 2006.

It is reported that the incident happened during rehearsals for a school production of the musical Annie, so an appeal has been made for any of the students who were involved in the production to step forward and offer witness statements.

Brain injury compensation has been paid to a once-promising young footballer who was apprenticed with Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur.

The brain injury compensation claim relates to an incident which occurred in August 2006.The young player suffered a heart attack and collapsed while playing a youth team fixture against Belgian club Cercle Brugge. The incident left him deprived of oxygen for more than a quarter of an hour.

The High Court in London heard that the incident could have been prevented if the player and his parents had been made aware of the results of an ECG (electrocardiogram) scan which was undertaken for the club 11 months prior to the incident; it had shown the player to suffer from a heart condition known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, an abnormal thickening of the muscle around the heart.

Former steelworkers in the Northeast who developed industrial illnesses caused by exposure to a range of toxic gases and chemicals have begun their bid to secure industrial illness compensation.

The steel workers, who were employed at a range of sites including Consett Steel Works, Teeside Steelworks and Derwenthaugh Coke Works, are making claims for a range of industrial illnesses, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, skin cancer, lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses. Solicitors representing the men say that they have identified a number of ‘specific issues'.

The Ministry of Defence has come under fire from critics who believe that members of the Armed Forces are being undercompensated for their military injury claims, particularly in light of the sometimes higher settlements received by those MoD workers who have developed psychological problems throughout the course of their employment.

Cruise ship illness compensation is to be paid to a number of passengers from Fred Olsen's Boudicca as a result of the severe gastric illnesses they developed while travelling on the ship between March and April 2011.

A joinery firm in Whitstable has been ordered to pay a fine of £2,000 by Canterbury Magistrates' Court following an accident in the workplace caused as a result of safety failings.

A former bus driver who suffered serious multiple injuries in a work accident is still awaiting settlement for the incident, the Surrey Advertiser reports.

Newly reported figures from the RTA Portal Website detail that the number of car accident claims went up in 2014, outstripping the levels reached before the Jackson legal reforms.

A college lecturer in Stafford, who died from the condition mesothelioma, received his diagnosis only two weeks prior to his death.

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