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Seth Lovis & Co's personal injury solicitors in London can represent you in compensation claims for UK-wide work accidents, catastrophic injuries, accidents abroad and any personal injury incident which has led to your financial loss, pain and suffering.

Here you can read relevant news items regarding case law, health and safety investigations, and road and workplace safety as they happen across the UK.

Technibond Limited has been fined £5,000 after a worker lost a finger in a machine which had been left unguarded.

The workplace accident occurred on 19 August 2014 when a female worker was cleaning one of the industrial machines while it was still switched on and running.

The insurance industry has said that there needs to be stricter processes in place to weed out frivolous and fraudulent deafness and tinnitus claims, citing the fact that the number of claims for the industrial injury has nearly trebled in the past three years.

Yet, personal injury lawyers and deafness charities argue noise induced hearing damage is a genuine disability and spurious claims are unlikely to get far in the justice system.

Industrial injury compensation has been paid to the family of a woman who died from the mesothelioma she developed as a result of washing her husband's asbestos-contaminated work clothes.

The 85-year-old died in April 2014 following a diagnosis with the occupational cancer. In conversations with family and industrial injury lawyers before her death she recounted how she frequently washed her husband's overalls after he returned from his work in the boiler room at Marchwood Power Station in Southampton; this period of employment began in 1955 and ended in 1970. She said that they were nearly always covered in white dust, which she would then inhale while handling them.

Scottish under-21 international former St Mirren player John McGinn has instructed personal injury lawyers to help pursue a compensation claim for a workplace prank that went wrong.

In April 2015 the 20-year-old, who has since left St Mirren following the expiry of his contract, had his thigh spiked as a result of a corner flagpole being thrown by the team's captain, Steven Thompson. Thompson later confessed to being "mortified" at having caused the injury.

A UK golfer has had to pay £10,000 in personal injury compensation as a result of a mis-hit ball which caused another golfing participant to sustain a head injury.

The two men were at the Bellshill Golf Club, in Lanarkshire, when the mis-hit golf shot caused a ball to hit a 46-year-old man in the head.

All sixteen people who sustained injuries in the Alton Towers rollercoaster crash in June 2015 are likely to receive compensation for their injuries, with Alton Towers confirming that it "takes full responsibility" for the incident. Personal injury lawyers have said that it is likely that payouts will run into the millions of pounds.

The widow of a professional driver who suffered fatal crush injuries when a three-tonne heavy delivery of steel tubes fell on him has instructed personal injury solicitors to claim compensation for the work accident.

Hi-Tech Special Steels Ltd has been fined £10,000 following a serious work accident which resulted in the amputation of an employee's arm.

A worker at the company's South Sheffield site was using a piece of machinery which assists in straightening steel coils on 11 February 2014. The bars of steel were emerging from the machine unevenly and so he inspected the machine to identify the problem.

A former Ministry of Defence employee who suffered an amputation injury as a result of being knocked of his motorbike while in an MoD car park has secured more than £1 million in personal injury compensation.

The military injury claimant, who worked as a specialist army driving instructor, was finishing work at the Normandy Barracks Defence School of Transport site when another motorist "came from nowhere" and caused him to sustain a double fracture to his leg; ultimately though, the fracture resulted in amputation injury and the end of the 58-year-old's career.

A postman has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for attempting to defraud his former employer and a car insurance company of thousands of pounds.

The man had suffered an accident at work in December 2010. A car crashed into the back of a Royal Mail van which he had been driving and the 46-year-old claimed to have suffered injuries so severe that he could no longer walk or dress himself.

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