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Seth Lovis & Co's personal injury solicitors in London can represent you in compensation claims for UK-wide work accidents, catastrophic injuries, accidents abroad and any personal injury incident which has led to your financial loss, pain and suffering.

Here you can read relevant news items regarding case law, health and safety investigations, and road and workplace safety as they happen across the UK.

A construction company has recently launched an investigation to determine how a workplace accident occurred. This incident took place last week in Swindon, when the organisation was developing a leisure complex. During this project, one of its employees sustained personal injury when a panel fell on top of him, resulting in damage to his leg.

An inquest has heard that a 68-year-old man might have died due to coming into contact with asbestos fibres decades ago.

The findings of a court have recently concluded that a man was not liable for the injuries he sustained during 2010. At the time of the accident, the man was working as a garage mechanic while reportedly standing in an inspection pit to drain fuel from a vehicle.

Ambulance crews came to the aid of a man after he sustained a workplace injury during a scaffolding accident in Warwickshire. The incident occurred when the employee fell from a platform reported to be located approximately 25 feet above the ground.

A company has been fined £8,000 after failing to prevent one of its employees from suffering a workplace injury.

Statistics published by the Health and Safety Executive towards the end of 2013 show that the number of fatal personal injuries amongst employees has dramatically declined.

The family of a man – who lost his life due to mesothelioma – have recently managed to secure £450,000 in lung cancer asbestos compensation after two organisations were found liable for the deceased's death.

A woman is attempting to secure food poisoning compensation after developing salmonella on holiday. The incident occurred in 2012, when the claimant was hoping for a relaxing break in Bulgaria. Instead, she was diagnosed with a serious holiday illness which is still having adverse effects to this day.

Angela Richards, a Personal Injury Solicitor at Seth Lovis & Co, recently acted for Mr V. 

The Accident

Mr V was an experienced skateboarder.  At the time of the accident, he was at a skateboarding park which was owned by a Local Authority in Cornwall.  The accident happened when Mr V was descending a ramp on his skateboard and the front wheel of his skateboard got stuck in a hole in the ramp, causing him to be thrown off his skateboard and land on his right arm. 

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that several passengers on a cruise ship have fallen ill while sailing around the Virgin Islands. According to the organisation, 281 individuals have described symptoms associated with gastrointestinal infections, such as diarrhoea and vomiting.

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