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Seth Lovis & Co's personal injury solicitors in London can represent you in compensation claims for UK-wide work accidents, catastrophic injuries, accidents abroad and any personal injury incident which has led to your financial loss, pain and suffering.

Here you can read relevant news items regarding case law, health and safety investigations, and road and workplace safety as they happen across the UK.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has a new waste and recycling team manager to work alongside Rick Brunt, the Head of Agriculture, Waste and Recycling sectors.

One of the first things she has done is remind the sector of the need to improve its fatal accident rate.

In statement released around a month after her appointment in April, Sian Clayton said that "the fatal injury rate in the waste sector is over 10 times greater than the rate across all industries and almost three times greater than the rate in the construction sector".

A motorist who caused a cyclist serious injuries when she hit him from behind has been found guilty of careless driving. The decision – which is likely to pave the way for a catastrophic injury compensation claim – was made at Exeter Crown Court.

In December 2014, the 25-year-old was making her regular journey to work when she collided with a man on a bike on her route into Instow, Devon. The impact sent the 41-year-old male over the front of the car, causing a fractured spine and serious head injuries and leaving traces of his high-visibility jacket on the broken windscreen.

New hope for the sufferers of serious spinal cord injuries, with researchers at the University of California, San Diego, enjoying success in an attempt to re-grow nerve tissue in the damaged spinal cords of rats, according to the scientific journal Nature Medicine.

The neural stem cell grafts succeeded in re-establishing connections between nerve cells and the brains of the rodents, allowing them to regain movement and to walk again. The research raises the possibility that the technique could one day be used to treat the serious spinal cord injuries of human patients.

A man whose left ear was partly sliced off in a London sightseeing bus accident is making a personal injury claim against the tour operator. The 49-year-old was on the double-decker bus with his young son when the vehicle crashed into a tree, tearing off the roof and sending debris into the air.

The accident caused serious injuries for the father; half of his left ear was sliced off and he needed treatment from paramedics. He was taken by ambulance to a London hospital for emergency surgery to re-attach his ear.

A 58-year-old who suffered serious injuries in an accident at work is to receive £1.6 million in damages after making an amputation claim against his former employer. The victim had to have his leg amputated from above the knee by a surgical team after falling steel crushed his leg severely.

The foundry worker trade union member sought assistance with the legal process and now hopes any attention surrounding the case will help to prevent similar incidents happening in the future.

Fortunately, twenty-first century Britain is now aware of the dangers of vibrating tools, with vibration white finger (VWF) one of the most common industrial illnesses among construction workers in this country.

However, what is less well-known is the problem of "whole body vibration"; a phenomenon common among lorry and truck drivers the world over.

Drivers of large articulated and heavy goods vehicles often spend as many as ten hours a day behind the wheel of their vehicles, so it should come as little surprise that the impact of passing over bumps, potholes and other rough surfaces has an inevitable and unwanted toll.

A 52-year-old professional carer has been paid £50,000 work injury compensation for the injuries she sustained in a lift-shaft fall in which a 96-year-old woman died.

The workplace accident, which took place at a care home in Cardiff in 2012, resulted in the establishment's owner receiving a £100,000 fine for breaching numerous health and safety regulations and caused the work injury compensation claimant to sustain a broken back, broken ribs, a broken foot, a punctured lung and a head injury.

Furthermore, the accident means that the claimant must now take regular painkilling medication for the injuries she says will never fully heal. "I am constantly plagued by that terrible day, "she said. Nevertheless she described herself as "lucky to be alive".

Personal injury solicitors have helped secure a four-figure payout of accident compensation for a grandmother who was involved in an accident in Greater Manchester. The woman sustained injuries as a result of using herself as a "human shield" to protect her two-year-old grandson from a falling wardrobe at an Ikea store.

The 57-year-old instructed personal injury solicitors to secure compensation but came face to face with an Ikea corporation determined to clear its name, seemingly at the expense of the truth. Its legal team alleged she was making a "fundamentally dishonest" and fraudulent claim.

"I just did what any grandmother would do in the situation and put myself in the way to protect my grandson. But to be accused of lying about it was disgraceful," the claimant told press.

A construction firm has received a £700,000 fine in relation to the crane accident which resulted in a 49-year-old crane driver losing his life.

The father-of-two had been working at a site in East Lancashire when a problem with the brakes on the 125 tonne crane he was driving caused it to veer dangerously towards a public road.

Rather than risk the lives of any road users, the driver decided to crash into the banking of an escape lane; however, his brave actions resulted in the crane accident, which in turn caused him to sustain serious and catastrophic injuries. He died shortly after the crash.

A 27-year-old man from Nottingham has spoken of the amputation injury he suffered as a result of an escalator accident which occurred in a shopping centre in March 2012.

The man, who described his injury as "like something out of a horror film", said that when he became trapped his big toe was torn from his foot, causing blood to "spurt everywhere".

He described a scene in which the amputation injury caused mayhem, with some passers-by actually fainting. "Doctors told me I could keep my toe but it could die on my foot and cause gangrene and I could lose my leg, so I told them to throw it," he said.

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